The purpose of the tour is to:
  • Impart the knowledge of the glory of God with a practical hands-on, revelatory approach
  • Activate the awe of His glory covering over our false coverings
  • Usher Yehovah God’s people out of a visitation into a habitation for His presence
  • Demonstrate how to move the glory cloud so that those you lead can follow
  • Leave a deposit in the earth and in your earth, which will birth revival, signs, wonders, and miracles
  • Reach the community with a powerful and practical approach just like Yeshua (Jesus)

“My mother had some sort of a throat bacteria for at least the past two years. We went to at least eight mouth and throat specialists to no avail. In fact, her doctor said this. “I have tried everything.” A sound was released during the Glory Tour – TX, which I heard ringing again in my spirit when I returned back home. It came straight from Heaven into my mother’s room. When I heard that sound from Heaven, my mom was healed. Once exposed to true Glory, you will never be the same.” – Louise Rodriguez