June 28, 2019 Dream

I had a wakening dream last night that I attended a church service with an emerging prophet. She was telling me how God moved in like a cloud and healed someone. Then, she mentioned a female prophetic vessel, who has a relatively large social media platform was the speaker. I replied, “The next time she is in town ministering, let me know. I recently started watching her.” She responded, “Okay.”

Then, we went to sleep. We shared the same bed. Her snoring was disrupting my sleep. I kept tossing and turning. During one of my tossing and turning times, I felt something on my foot. However, due to being tired, I ignored it. This happened several times before I acted. The next time I tossed and turned, my eyes were opened in the Spirit. I saw a man (i.e., a figure), standing at the end of the bed holding my foot down. The figure had my foot in its hand. I sat up in the bed and attempted to reach out for him. I couldn’t reach him. At first, my eyesight was hazy. Next, it cleared up. The man started taunting me because I could not reach him. When he did, he leaned forward. Then, I reached for his sunglasses. I took them off, and the being had no eyes. I put my fingers where the eyes would have been. I pressed hard. Next, I was able to command him to let my foot go. Once it did, I grabbed him by the head, beat him, and his head came off. Then, it disappeared leaving behind its clothing and its head. I woke up the emerging prophet. I asked her if she could see this. Then, I threw the being’s clothes down in the bed next to her. She replied, “See what?” I looked at the articles of clothing because the head had vaporized. The dream switched scenes, and I saw the same haze that appeared before. Next, I saw a hand go over my eyes to cover them. I awakened.

Interpretation & Prophetic Instruction/Warning

Many are stuck following emerging prophetic vessels on social media who they perceive are in a certain place with God. They are lying in the same bed (i.e., the state and condition of spiritual blindness). The enemy has My people in a foothold. This is a warning to cover your eyes. This is a prophetic warning to get your eyes off them and set them upon Me. Many are in the place where their feet are about to slip due to how they perceive these individuals are prospering in business and ministry. Their feet are quick to run to meet them where they minister and quick to watch them on social media. What started out as a way for many to learn has turned into being envious of how the wicked are prospering. That’s right; I call these vessels wicked because they twist My will into their own by doing what they want and passing it off as My will.


Father, remove the haze off my eyes. Allow me to see clearly see in the Spirit. Let my eyes see what you want me to see. Set a guard over my eyes. Put my eyes back on you. Deliver me from social media addiction and the gluttonous consumption of watching this and that emerging prophetic vessel. Deliver me from envy, which is a work of my flesh. Set my feet on righteous paths.

Scriptural Judgment

Psalm 73:1-3, 28, Psalm 101:3, Matthew 13:15-16, Galatians 5:21