Let’s pray


Lead Your son into Truth like he or she has never experienced before. Lead him or her to see him or herself like he or she has never seen before. Cause him or her to feel naked and stripped bare before Your throne. However, let him or her feel Your love and not the shame of the enemy. Let him or not run and hide from you. On the contrary, let him or her run into your shelter. Let him or her run into Your loving arms (Psalm 91:1-2). Surround him or her with Your loving-kindness and Your presence throughout this entire journey of discovering the Truth of who he or she has become and who he or she really is. I thank You that who he or she has become as a result of indoctrination in this world’s system, human philosophy, and natural wisdom is not who he or she really is!

We are asking You, by the power You have vested in us as apostles in the King’s service, to break off, shed off, and strip Your sons of these falsities, lies, and enslaving labels. Thank you, Father that You hear us and always come through for us when we need You. Thank You. Now, by Ruach Kodesh (Holy Spirit) fill those places, spaces, and the void that remains as a result of the shedding off to be filled with Your seven Spirits (Isaiah 11:2). Fill them with Psalm 19:9 and Colossians 2:5. Let the foundational scriptures of this series spring forth now like a gushing wind and a mighty river. Let these references flow through their entire being. Waves of glory, rise now. Ripples of the effect of the waves crashing against their soulish parts, rise now. Glory, glory, glory; I shout, “Glory!” I know that when I make this shout all will go free and all will be transformed through Yeshua (Jesus) we pray for the one who is about to embark on taking this assessment.