10 Things I Needed to Shed Off

What He Required How He Led Me to Move Into the Newness of Life
1.  A level of “my” professionalism Do more informal live videos on Periscope and Facebook
2.  Serve, invest, and sow more into His people Give more training and support, conduct surveys, needs assessments, and identification of my tribe and ideal market
3. More trust in the area of finances Less reliance on big corporate contracts and consulting gigs, listen to His instructions to tell me where the “new money” is. Also, He taught me to apply the new skill of making withdrawals from my glorious Heavenly account.
4. A change in the delivery model for training (i.e., VOIP and bridge lines) Live training events
5. People who were not willing to invest in self, the Kingdom, or in this work I have had to shift gears. Certain business relationships and ministry associations had to be left behind. Also, new relationships are being forged. We are re-rebuilding our mailing list since the people are those we attracted 12 years ago. We are not the same, and it is time for our circle to change.
6. Everything that had been my norm for 30 years An adjustment to a new schedule and responsibilities had to be made. At the same time, I needed to still maintain the discipline to pray, exercise, eat right, and get plenty of rest (natural and supernatural).
7. Exhibit more grace with my husband He is 17 years older than me, and I needed to be more patient and repeat myself more than I’d like too (smile).
8. Adjust to the new dynamics in my relationship with our two daughters. They are older now. They are busy doing what Father’s called them to do. While I tremendously miss their support around the house and in business and ministry, as well as time to sit and chat for hours on end, I had to accept the stage of life they are in. Lastly, since my husband and I have lived and modeled the Way for them, now it’s time to stand and trust in Proverbs 22:6.
9. My big girl panties (i.e., from a size 14 to a 6) I had to stop consuming meat; eat more veggies and fruits, drink a better quality of water, and eliminate unnecessary chemicals from my hair, nails, and skin. A complete holistic health care regimen is my new, consecrated standard.
10. Perfectionism It’s okay for things to go out imperfect. They can always be revised. Also, it’s more important to operate from an excellence model where God versus where flesh is pleased.


As you can see, a lot of what becomes a part of your personality can come from worldly indoctrination. Also, your upbringing may have some bearing too. However, it all must go so Christ can be seen. What do you need to shed off? Start pondering this question, if you have not already. You may know the junk, the people, and the things you need to let go of. If you do not know, start inquiring. Lastly, here are the foundation scriptures for this leadership assessment. I want you to habitually read them prior to taking the assessment. This will help anchor what you are learning and put the demand where it should be, which is on the power of God’s word.

Leadership Assessment Foundation Scriptures:

Ephesians 4:20-32, Colossians 2:4-5, Colossians chapters 2 and 3, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 3:27, Ephesians 4:1-19