About the Mission

Welcome to the home of Your Glory Teachers!

We exist to make leaders biblically literate in how-to live-in glory in business, in ministry, and in their lives. We execute this mission in the following ways:

  1. Glory Tours – A live teaching and demonstration tour. As we teach leaders, in the area of living in resurrection power, we demonstrate this in a variety of ways, one of which is to feed the homeless and the hungry and to quench the dry pallets of the thirsty. When we tour these locations, we partner with local businesses to provide food and water.
  2. A Learning Community – Leaders cannot live a life in glory alone. A glorified life is intended to be lived out in a learning community. Everyday leaders need support with how to live in an exhaustible Kingdom concept.
  3. Faith and Praying – It is impossible to live in glory without living a fasted lifestyle. We show leaders how to become a house God wants to live in 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  4. Books and Resources – We provide equipment and tools for the journey.

Every aspect of this mission is an outreach arm of our parent entity THE HOUSE OF PRAYER – AN ARRMED DIAMEN (THOPAAD hereafter). THOPAAD is a 501c3 non profit charitable organization. This mission is huge, and we can’t do it without you. Scroll through or click on Partner With Us to learn how you can support this God-size mission.

For the earth will be as full of the knowledge of Yehovah’s (God’s) glory as water covering the sea.” – Habakkuk 2:14