On November 30, 2017, Father showed a class I’m leading into releasing the glory a vision. This is a timely vision for the Body. You can listen to it by clicking on the play button.

The Great Divide: See the Bridge

The written version can be read below.

If you are not hungry for the glory for ministry reasons, then get hungry for personal reasons. It’s okay to get hungry for personal reasons. I know there are some erroneous teachings out there that say the anointing isn’t for you. How many of you have heard that? I’m sure you have heard your gifts are not for you, and the anointing isn’t for you. Instead, many teach this. The anointing is for everyone you are ministering to, and it’s not for you. Here’s the truth. The truth is, we have left the anointing realm. Beloved, we have left the anointing realm, and we are standing in the glory realm. If releasing the glory into your personal situation does not work for you, what makes you think anyone else would want to be your test-tube baby?

As a matter of fact, my former life was a mess; I cannot even begin to tell you what a mess it was. My former life was such a mess. Honestly, I was not even thinking about The Making book, I wasn’t thinking about a Glory Tour, or even a Release the Glory Class. I was not even thinking about any of this stuff. When I started out on this journey, none of this was on my radar. I was simply crying out for His glory, and I wanted to it invade the mess of my life. This was my heart’s cry.

In other words, I wanted to see His glory transform every aspect of my life. I wanted to see it transform my relationships, my marriage, my health, my career, and my finances. It was from this place of desperation and crying out to the Father that I began to cooperate with Him and release glory into every aspect of my life. This became the entire premise behind the concept of The Making book. Why am I sharing this? I am saying, get the personal reasons in your mind that you want to release the glory. Get them in your mind, and then release glory into every situation one by one by one until the Kabowd (the entire weight of it), until the Shekinah, until the Tiphereth, until the Doxa, and until every facet of His glory is flooding your life. Release it until it is flooding you; release it until it is overshadowing you and it has superimposed whatever the issues may be. Just, #GetMeToTheGlory!

Now, for some of you this means releasing it into your children’s lives, for others if you are married and you desire your man to be on fire, release the glory into your marriage. Yet, others of you may have not been able to break a cycle of poverty and a cycle of debt and lack off of your life, release the glory into your finances. Last week my husband and I were praying and I literally took my staff, and I pointed my staff on his wallet. Then, I pointed my staff over my purse. What was I communicating? I was saying, “The government of God, come into our finances,” because a staff is a tool for writing, fighting, and warring. Thus, I was writing the government and the Kingdom into our finances. You may not have a staff and that may not be the way that He leads you to release glory. I am just sharing that this was my exercise. He’ll give you yours. Hey, you may need to release the glory into every area of your life like I did. Indeed, that is what I had to do. I had to release His glory area by area by area until I saw what He promised.

This is where you begin to discover the answer to the question, “How badly do you want the glory?” How badly do you want it? Where is the body right now? Where is the body? It’s time to deliver. This is where the body is. Specifically, it’s time for the whole body of Christ to deliver. That is the time that we are in. It’s time to see the nine tangible results of the glory. It is past time for playing church games. There is no more hiding out anywhere in the body of Christ. We are at a crossroads. Yes, we are at a crossroads in the Spirit, and it really boils down to this. Will you stay where you are?

Will you stay impotent, powerless, and with a form of godliness, or will you enter into sonship, which means that you are able to be and do whatever your Father is? Will you?

He’s asking these questions through me because many who say they are His will not be able to cross over. They are not going to cross over. I tell you the body of Christ is going to be unrecognizable. The children of God that will cross over will be unrecognizable in this new place. You are going to be unrecognizable. I know that you may have heard this before and nothing happened. Well, know what I am speaking of is not that! You are going to see what He is saying through me because Father is moving, Holy Spirit is moving, and the Spirit of Glory is moving. The Father of glory is moving, and only those who bear the image of the Son in word and in deed will be able to move with and in Him. Only those who bear His fruit will be able to move in and with Him. Many will be left behind.

Envision this right where you are. Close your eyes, and in your Holy imagination, see a bridge with people on both sides of this bridge. See it? On one side are the people who resemble the Godhead and who are able to release His glory and move heaven and earth, and on the other side are the people who seem to always be at a place of indecision, at a place full of justification, at a place full of excuses, and at a place of always failing for some reason to coming up to Christ standards. See them; see them. See the bridge; see the divide. See the people standing on each side. See the ones with all the excuses and all the justifications and all the indecision. These are the people that bound. See them. See them bound by religion. See them bound by obsolete mindsets and ministry technologies, which rely on man-made practices and deny His glorious power. See these people as they truly are because they operate from an archaic paradigm.

See the chains; the ancient chains, and they are not the ancient chains that the Ancient One or the Ancient of Days placed there. These are old chains like old, archaic paradigms of denomination and religion. See these people as they truly are because they hold faulty and fake keys in the Spirit. Look at their hands. Look at their hands. See them. Look at their hands; they have faulty keys. The keys you are seeing are like the ones in a toy set. Remember those little fake grey keys that we used to play with as children? This is just like a representation of what’s in their hands. They hold plastic, pretend keys, and they do not work in the Kingdom of God.

There is an invisible, impassable gulf between these two groups of people. See it. As the image bearers continue to move in and with the Godhead, the gulf keeps getting larger and larger and larger. After a while you will not see any of these people anymore. If you can’t see that second group anymore, then you are seeing the vision because after a while the two groups cannot even see one another anymore. After a while the bridge isn’t even visible. God saying, “This is the time to cross over.” Right now is the time, beloved. If you know someone that is not bearing the image of the Son, tell them the time to cross over is now. The time is now before the distance becomes too great. The time is now. If not now, when? If not now, when? When will you see His glory in every area of your life, in every area of ministry, and in every area of business? When? When? When because the hour is late. The hour is late, and the time is now. The time is now. Now faith is. Now faith is . . . now. Don’t try to understand it all. The Hebrews 11:3 scripture says, “… By faith, we understand.” We understand by faith, beloved.

Additional scriptures for meditation and support: Galatians 5:25, John 5:30, Acts 17:28, Habakkuk 2:14, John 15, Romans 8:29