Meet your Glory Teachers

Stanley and Karen have been on a quest for the glory of God for 28 years. What they did not know was that this quest would break, mold, shape, stretch, and break them all over again. Laying hold of the glory of God would cost friends, jobs, and so much more. The reward of paying this high price has resulted in seeing His manifested glory. The Pina’s have experienced cysts shrinking; breast cancer healed by the Master’s touch, high blood pressure and diabetes healed, baptisms in Holy Spirit, hearing restored to the deaf by His instruction, death rebuked at His command, marriages revived, and recovery of spiritual sight through revelatory teaching. Also, organizations have miraculously changed as a result of consulting, coaching, or conducting business with the Pina’s. Stanley and Karen bring an array of spiritual gifts, spiritual tools, and Godly character to the tour. One encounter at a tour stop will change your life forever.