Course Description:

The release the glory class is for apostolic believers who are weary and tired of the familiar cliché of “glory carriers.” It is for those who discern the time has come for God’s people to release His glory in ministry, businesses, nations, and neighborhoods. The best way to describe this course is to let you know that the glory within will be awakened, activated, and released!

Course Objective:

The objective of the Release the Glory course is to prepare a people who can release God’s glory into various situations, places, things, and people.

Course Outcomes:

In this 12-week class, you will learn how to:

  • Ascend into the glory realm
  • Concretely move through five stages until you are transformed into glory
  • Shine (i.e., visibly see His glory with your eyes)
  • Release the glory you see
  • Practice being glorified and releasing glory in a safe environment with apostolic feedback, counsel, and instruction before applying the principles you will learn in your business and ministry
  • Refine glory and identify the type of glory you are ordained to release (i.e., your unique glory mantle)
  • Discern if the glory is being released (i.e., the identification of nine tangible results)
  • Pray the types of prayers that release the glory into a neighborhood, an atmosphere, or any setting
  • Get in position to receive angelic encounters that move the glory cloud
  • And so much more . . .

Course Materials:

The materials needed for this course are:

The Making book
The Making companion guide

The class manual will be included with the investment you make in your spiritual growth. The Making book and the companion guide can be secured separately from the Glory Resource Center by clicking on the links provided above. The deadline to order your course materials is one week prior to the start date to allow ample time for shipping.


This class is not for everyone. It is for a specific group of disciples.

Course Dates:

The next course will begin in January 9, 2019. The course will be held once a week from 6:00-8:15 pm EST.

Glorious Praise

“I am equipped with the knowledge of the various phases of maturing in glory. I am awakened to the glory in me. I am now aware that I am the glory of God and that I can release that glory in agreement with His will and word. This class helps one to identify oneself in the spirit, to get educated on the intricacies of the glory, to practice releasing glory, and to recognize what it is like to truly experience His glory.” – Denise, business leader

“The class proved to be valuable. After taking this class, I am able to engage with angels by speaking in new tongues. I am able to flow in my true identify and rest in God’s glory while receiving angelic assistance. Now, I understand glory and its dimensions.” – Ellen, ministry and business leader

“I can release God’s glory into any situation that is before me.” – Michele, business leader

“At this point, I feel the investment was not enough. I have received a lifetime of accessibility to the glory. To invest any amount for this teaching is worth it.” – “Yolanda, ministry leader

“Three months ago, I was so hungry, but I was not sure what I was hungry for. Now, I have received fresh bread. I have come to understand glory in such a way that nothing else can satisfy and edify me. I can’t go back, even if I tried. This class literally changed my life, and I would not have it any other way!” – Kevin Thom, son of God

Registration Deadline:

The registration deadline is December 9, 2018. Seats are always limited. The class size is purposely small. Register now by choosing your desired investment. The three options are available in the investment in your refinement section, which immediately follows.

Investment in Your Refinement:

Option #1

One Donation of $300

Option #2

Two Donations of $150.00

Option #3

Three Donations of $100.00


*The investment is nonrefundable. At the discretion of your glory teacher, the investment may be applied to an upcoming class.