Welcome to the home of the Cover the Earth With Your Glory tour for apostolic business and ministry leaders. This is a teaching and demonstration tour of Father’s glory. “For the earth will be as full of the knowledge of Yehovah’s (God’s) glory as water covering the sea.” – Habakkuk 2:14


Glory Resource Center

If you prefer to receive training on how to manifest the glory in every area of your life via books, CD’s, DVD’s, and mp3’s, we have a solution. Go to the Glory Resource Center. Also, online learning is another option. Go here to learn more.


For Churches & Ministries

It is time to see God’s character, nature, and power in every church and ministry. Indeed, a manifestation over here, over there, or in certain geographical locations will not suffice.


What you will receive

    The purpose of the tour is to:
  • Impart the knowledge of the glory of God with a practical hands-on, revelatory approach
  • Activate the awe of His glory covering over our false coverings
  • Usher Yehovah God’s people out of a visitation into a habitation for His presence
  • Demonstrate how to move the glory cloud so that those you lead can follow.
  • Leave a deposit in the earth and in your earth, which will birth revival, signs, wonders, and miracles


Apostles, and ascension gifts, who have been seeking God for revival, signs, wonders, miracles, Yeshua’s greater works, and to manifest His glory in the ministry or in the church.


For Businesses

Your #GloryTeacher has been graced to bring the glory to your business in a non-religious way. The glory is not just for ministries and churches. It is needed in the business world too. Research (Cornish, 2004; Costa, 2010) showed that over the past decade there has been a decline in the moral fabric of organizations. Indeed, corporate crimes increase (Maxwell, 2003; Pina, 2009; Webb & Badaracco, 1995). For instance, extortion, overlooking kickback schemes, and stealing everything from office supplies to company time will continue to rise. As moral values and ethics continue to decline, so will corporate responsibility. Due to the degenerate ethics trend, customer service will continue to decline and worsen. A day is coming when morality and ethics will be so low that excellent customer service will no longer exist and profit will be gained by any means necessary. The answer to situational ethics, poor customer service, unsatisfied customers, and illegal gain lies in the manifestation of the glory (Habakkuk 2:14).

The business world needs to see God’s character, nature, and power in order to thrive in today’s volatile economy. Indeed, subpar ethics will not suffice. Let Karen show you how to release His glory in the marketplace in a non-religious way that will directly impact your bottom line. It is a well-known fact that every successful business was established on Biblical principles. Bring the knowledge of the glory to your business in order to experience revival in your profits, customer service, and customer satisfaction.



Cornish, E. (2004). Futuring: The exploration of the future. Bethesda, MD: World Future Society.

Costa, K. (2010, Dec 1). For leadership, read stewardship. Wall Street Journal (Online). Retrieved from ProQuest.com

Maxwell, J. C. (2003). Ethics 101: There’s only one rule for making decisions. New York, NY: Warner Books.

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Webb, A. P., & Badaracco, J. L. (1995). Business ethics: A view from the trenches. California Management Review, 37(2), 8-28.


What you will receive

You will discover:

  • The knowledge of the glory of God in a practical hands-on manner
  • The awe of His glory
  • How to navigate the business out of being a place God shows up once in a while into a place where He abides
  • How the glory of God influences wicked enterprises
  • How to manifest His glory in an irresistible way that draws men into the Kingdom
  • How to follow the glory cloud when it leads you away from your nice, comfortable position in the marketplace
  • How to move the glory cloud so ungodly and godly leaders follow, regardless of whether you hold a management or leadership role in the organization
  • The direct correlation between the glory and ethics, between the glory and customer satisfaction, between the glory and excellent customer service, and between the glory and total prosperity


Marketplace apostles, and ascension gifts, who have been asking God to manifest His glory (signs, wonders, and miracles in the business realm). The cry is #GetMeToTheGlory.



The Cover the Earth With Your Glory tour stops are Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, and North Carolina. Each tour stop will be held at a private location. The times and locations will only be disclosed to attendees upon registration in the desired city/state. If you want to sign up for updates about the tour and the various stops, click here.

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If you are unable to travel to one of the tour stops or want more training in between stops, join our intimate community here.


Your Glory Teachers

Meet your Glory Teachers

Stanley and Karen have been on a quest for the glory of God for 29 years. What they did not know was that this quest would break, mold, shape, stretch, and make them all over again. Laying hold of the glory of God would cost friends, jobs, and so much more. The reward of paying this high price has resulted in seeing His manifested glory. The Pina’s have seen cysts shrink and eye floaters disappear instantly; breast cancer and spinal cords healed by the Master’s touch, high blood pressure and diabetes healed, baptisms in Holy Spirit, hearing restored to the deaf by His instruction, death rebuked at His command, marriages revived, and recovery of spiritual sight through revelatory teaching.  The Pina’s have witnessed God supernaturally cancel thousands of dollars in debt and increase finances supernaturally. Also, organizations have miraculously changed as a result of consulting, coaching, or conducting business with the Pina’s. Stanley and Karen bring an array of spiritual gifts, spiritual tools, and Godly character to the tour. One encounter at a tour stop will change your life forever.


Partner With Us

You can partner with us to help bring the tour to the five targeted states by hosting, being a glory evangelist, or sowing a seed.


As a partner host, you can support us by allowing us to conduct the teaching at your church or ministry. You may also help by rallying your local resources to secure an ideal location for the tour. If you are a targeted leader in these five states and would like to be a host for a glory tour stop or help find a meeting spot, contact us.

Glory Evangelists

Help us cover the earth with the knowledge of the tour by spreading the word to your e-mail list, apostolic network, church, or ministry. For more information and to request an application, contact us.

Sow a Seed

This teaching and demonstration tour is an end-time move of Yehovah God. It is not another workshop or conference. The earth’s darkness has grown great. If there ever were a time to become thoroughly acquainted with the knowledge of the ways God manifests His glory, it is now. Sowing a one-time seed or a monthly seed as a partner will enable us to cover the earth with His glory. Your seed will be used for the production of training materials (i.e., The Making Book), travel and lodging accommodations, audio visual and sound equipment, and expenses that go into planning a ministry engagement or a business meeting. Partner with us.

Partner Benefits

All partners will receive complimentary admission to the #GloryTour. As a partner, you will be able to attend as many tour stops as you like. You will receive personal ministry for yourself and your team. Partners will have access to a vault of teachings on the glory. Also, you will be positioned to receive a heavenly credit in your account to be used to make withdrawals as Holy Spirit leads (Philippians 4:15-17, 2 Corinthians 9:5-15). You will also receive a righteous harvest (Philippians 1:3-11).


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Join Us

If you are unable to travel to one of the tour stops or want more training in between stops, join our intimate community here.



Each tour stop will be held at a private location. The times and locations will only be disclosed to attendees upon registration in the desired city or state. To register to attend a tour stop as a partner, go here. To register to attend a tour stop as an individual of a business, a ministry, or a church, go here.